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About Us 

UK Generations was founded in October 2008 and is is owned and operated by Peter W. Aughton  Dip. RSA . He has built a reputation for accurate, attentive and succesful research on behalf of a wide range of customers.

Peter is qualified at various levels in English history, including Local History Studies gained from Oxford University. His personal interests are within the period from the late Middle Ages through to the mid-20th century - and particularly with the Industrial Revolution, Victorian period and the First & Second World wars.

Since beginning research into his own family history in 1982, he has amassed a considerable knowledge of his forebears from the 16th and 17th centuries to date and further back to a direct paternal lineage going back to the 12th century. Peter has since explored several other lines of his English and Scottish family ancestry, discovering characters and events in the 13th, 14th, 15th, 17th and 19th centuries for himself. This provided experience and knowledge of where to look and how to trace ancestors from sometimes minimal information.

On occasions he carried out research for other family members and friends within periods spanning the past 300 years, helping them discover people previously lost from living memory. After observing how well such private efforts were received, Peter decided to establish UK Generations in order to make full use of the research skills and library of resources he had developed. His intention was to use them in providing a range of affordable family history services that could benefit people interested in finding out more about their UK ancestry - whether to help start research or to assist with ongoing research.

The aim of UK Generations is therefore to offer a tailored historical research service, tracing ancestors who lived and worked within mainland England, Wales and Scotland from c.1650 through to the mid 20th century - and to do it at a pace and affordability to suit you.    

UK Generations is based in Rugby, Warwickshire near the heart of the motorway and railway system of central England, so travel to any mainland UK destination is possible. Research has been done at many locations in mainland UK - and has even included work in Gibraltar. 

Rugby is particularly close to all the historic towns and villages in Warwickshire, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire.  Please see our "Focus on 3 counties" maps and a closeup map of our central location here.

Just let us know where your interest lies and we will work out how we can best help.

High quality services and satisfied customers are what we strive to achieve. Please take a look at our Testimonials page. It shows a selection of generous comments that we are proud to display.

Thank you for visiting UK Generations.   Please bookmark the website and join us again !