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Starter Packs

Starting out with family history research is often full of uncertainty due to a lack of family knowledge - we appreciate this because that's exactly how things began for Peter when he began his own search for ancestors.  Initial progress largely depends on what you know already, what your relatives can recall and any documents or objects that you possess. Many people do not have extensive knowledge of their forebears, so don't worry if you are in such a position - it is very common and it's part of the challenge for us to help you begin your road of discovery.

We help you through this initial phase by moving forward in small affordable steps, person by person and at known costs.

Obviously, the more information you can give at this stage, the better chance we will have in tracing people and discovering your ancestors. This is particularly important if your surname is popular, such as Smith or Jones. Whatever degree of family knowledge and information you have is welcome. The best initial details can be names, places, special events dates and information in documents that you have. We will take things from there.

Just remember though, family history memories don't always line up with recorded family history facts - so be ready for some potential surprises !  This is one of the joys of tracing family histories.

So, to help you begin your family history journey to find someone within England/Wales/Scotland between 1841 and the mid 20th century, please take a look at our basic Starter Pack options. To enable us to deliver this low-cost service, we base our work on our library of resource material and an array of online sources. This means we avoid costs involved for travel to and work at resource centres or other locations. Starter Packs offer fixed-price genealogy for a fixed result potential. We hope you like this approach.

Whenever possible, your Starter Pack will contain :-

-    A summary report of findings concerning the main person(s) being researched and brief references to other persons we discover along the way that we believe may be useful to you. Within a Starter Pack, we will endeavour to establish basic facts about your chosen person(s) that can be used for further separate research. 

-    Copies of appropriate Census sheets (from between 1841 and 1901). 

-    Basic details of other family members discovered during the searches.

-    A family tree containing those persons researched (where applicable).

-    Reference numbers for any certificates we discover.

-    Guidance to help you consider the next steps. 

We don't assume that you will always want to have a birth/marriage/death certificate, as details found from other sources may be enough for the timebeing. Therefore, we give you the choice whether to buy certificates to complete the Pack, or to save money at this time.           

Please consider the level of confirmation a birth, marriage or death certificate can bring to your family history. The corroboration of details between a Certificate and a Census Return sheet is a very powerful process in accurately working backwards through a family structure. We can order English and Welsh Birth, Marriage and Death certificates for you from the General Register Office for £10.00 each, payable in advance. Scottish certificates are £15.00 each, also payable in advance.


Starter Pack 1      Research of one person. 

£20    plus optional certificates

This could be a grandfather or grandmother, or a great grandfather or great grandmother, or an uncle or aunt.  They are the focus for the research and we will seek to find significant documentary evidence of them.   

Starter Pack 2      Research of two persons.

£30    plus optional certificates

The combinations are up to you. Here are some suggestions :-

-   2 persons within one generation, (eg. husband and wife; brother and sister; two brothers)

-   2 linked persons straddling two generations (eg. father and son; father and grandfather).  

Starter Pack 4       Research of four persons.

£60    plus optional certificates                                                           

The combinations are up to you. Here are some suggestions :-

-  4 persons within one generation  (eg. 4 siblings)

-  2 persons from one generation with a male or female parent for each of them  (eg. a son and his father plus the son's wife and her father) 

-  4 direct male generations (eg. son + father + grandfather + great-grandfather). 


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Don't forget, we are here to help you so, if you wish to enquire further or to ask any questions before deciding, please use our Contact Us tab from the top of the screen.