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Code of Conduct

UK Generations takes pride in striving for and achieving the best result for its customers. 

To that end, Peter W Aughton makes best efforts to follow the standards of the Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives (AGRA) Code of Conduct. Therefore, here is a list of Aims that are based upon the AGRA guidance.

When carrying out research services, we aim:

  • To be discreet in relations with clients, the public and the profession
  • To be as accurate as available material will allow
  • Not to engage in exaggerated, misleading or false publicity
  • Not to knowingly publish as fact anything known to be false or unproven, nor knowingly be a party to such action by others

In our dealings with you, our customers, we aim:

  • To avoid unnecessary duplication of effort and research
  • To offer candid advice concerning the possible or probable results of any projected research
  • To make reports as clear and as definite as the facts allow
  • To clearly explain, if unable to resolve a client's problems, the reason, and if possible suggest alternative avenues of research.
  • To strive to avoid the misquotation of any documents, or the citing as authoritative of any questionable source
  • To seek, when appropriate and permitted, to examine original sources
  • Not to conceal or withhold data relevant to a client's instructions
  • To respect the confidential nature of a client's work, and not divulge any information concerning a client's family, business or personal affairs without prior consent
  • Not to publish the results of research for which clients have paid without prior consent

When conducting the business of UK Generations, we aim:

  • To strive at all times to uphold the integrity and reputation of the profession
  • Not to knowingly injure or attempt to injure the professional reputation, prospects or practice of any other genealogist or researcher in archives
  • Not to present another's work as their own
  • Not to act in a manner detrimental to the best interests of the profession


Peter W Aughton acknowledges the guidance offered within the AGRA website. 

See it for yourself at