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Conditions of Sale

It is the overriding aim of UK Generations to offer you an excellent service - one that will see you returning again and again !     Therefore, please help by noting the following basic terms of sale :- 

1. The primary purpose of the services offered by UK Generations is to discover and provide information that may be pertinent to UK individuals between c.1650 and the mid 20th century. 

It is explicitly not intended that UK Generations undertakes investigative tracing services for the purpose of finding individuals who may be alive. 

However it is recognised and accepted that records of or references to living people can appear within online systems or researched documents. In such cases, UK Generations accepts no responsibility for the subsequent use made by customers of any material provided as part of their research commission, nor any issues that may arise thereafter.

2. Prices for products and services are advertised in UK Sterling and may be revised at any time. Deposits are non-refundable.

3. Vouchers 

3a) Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of issue. Each voucher will contain the issue date. No refund will be given for partially-spent or unspent vouchers.

3b) Vouchers can be used as full or partial payment for an item or service. Any remaining value on a partially spent voucher can still be used to purchase services within the remainder of its 12 month period (and subject  to item 3d).

3c) Orders that go on to exceed the value of any voucher(s) must be paid for in full before final reports / charts / media are despatched (see item 6).

3d) Once a voucher begins to be used to pay for UK Generations services, it may not be transferred to another person. If there is remaining value on a voucher then it may only be spent by the original owner of the voucher.

4. Payments

Payments may be made via PayPal  or by crossed cheque.

4a)  See more about PayPal here 

    PayPal does not divulge customer bank, credit card or Paypal details to UK Generations

4b)  Cheque payments can only be made by UK-based customers using bank/building society cheques or crossed personal cheques. No work will begin (or purchases made) until a cheque has been cleared - usually within five working days after receipt and submission by UK Generations.  

Cheques should be made payable to  "Mr P W Aughton".

5. Proof of payment will be obtained for additional costs incurred by UK Generations and subsequently charged in connection with an order . Such charges may typically (but not exclusively) include car parking, entrance fees, library or museum services and accommodation expenses. 

UK Generations does not seek to make profit from incurred charges and expenses of this type.

6. Postage and Packing 

Charges are normally based upon Royal Mail UK (1st or 2nd Class Signed-For postage or a tracked parcel service) and Worldwide Airmail (Zone 2) rates. A small fee for packaging may be added. Appropriate postal insurance will be included within the postage charge.

If a customer requires specific additional postal insurance protection, this should be requested and will be charged at the extra cost indicated by the mail delivery company, otherwise proof of posting will be obtained, responsibility for delivery will pass to the mail delivery company and risk will pass to the customer. 

7. UK Generations bears no responsibility for any losses or damage to goods after posting.  No refunds will be given by UK Generations for items lost or damaged after posting. Proof of posting will be retained by UK Generations for 3 months.

8. Completed orders will be despatched only after confirmation of payment to UK Generations by PayPal or a cleared cheque.  Similarly, where an order requires a deposit or stage payment to be made, work will begin once PayPal has notified UK Generations of successful payment or a cheque has been cleared.  Items that have to be ordered from third parties (eg. certificates, charts) must be paid for in advance. 

9. Customers are solely responsible for advising accurate email and/or postal addresses for the receipt of goods.

9a) UK Generations will not be responsible for items sent to an email address or postal address that has been wrongly advised by a customer. Subject to the successful return of posted items to UK Generations,  customers will be advised of any postal costs incurred for receipt from the incorrect address and of the postal cost to re-send the item(s) to the customer.  

Alternatively, should a customer no longer wish to receive their mis-posted items, or if they do not respond within 30 days of emailed notification by UK Generations, all previous payments made to UK Generations will be retained and the items will remain the property of UK Generations. Further access to the items would then be chargeable.  

9b) If it is mutually agreed with a customer that their ordered items have been mistakenly posted by UK Generations to an address other than that advised by the customer (and those items are subsequently returned to and received by UK Generations within 30 days of reaching mutual agreement above) then, subject to 9c) below, UK Generations will send them to the customer's advised address without additional charge.   

9c) This clause only relates to instances within clause 9b)   In the event that returned items have been damaged during postage back to UK Generations, customers will be emailed to agree how to resolve this - such as replacement of the item(s) or refund of payments relating to those items. However, if the buyer does not respond within 30 days of that email notification, payment(s) relating to the affected items will be retained by UK Generations and the items will remain the property of UK Generations. Further access to the affected items would then be chargeable.

10. UK Generations undertakes to carry out reasonable efforts to find records pertinent to research services orders placed. If searches fail to reveal what is being sought then UK Generations will suspend work, notify the customer to advise on progress and seek agreement on how and whether to continue, such as an extension to the order. Charges for time expended and work completed to that point will be payable before beginning an extension.

11. UK Generations will make reasonable efforts to complete all research within an agreed time but cannot be held responsible for delays caused by third parties or other causes beyond the control of UK Generations. Customers will be updated with details of delays and may be provided with options that could be pursued.

12. Customers should be aware that research is not guaranteed to find any person, place, event or object. Whilst reasonable efforts will always be made to succeed (within the cost and timescale scope of an order), UK Generations cannot be held responsible for failing to provide what is sought. Nevertheless, charges for time, materials and expended costs will still be payable by customers to reflect the work that was carried out on their behalf.


13. GDPR 

13a)  By agreeing for work to be done by UK Generations on your behalf, you consent to the storage and use of your personal details and research data by UK Generations. Such use will be for the purposes of conducting research, providing UK Generations services and obtaining records and other material or documents from third parties pertinent to the research commissioned by a customer.

13b)  UK Generations will not divulge customer's personal or research details to any third party organisation other than is necessary a) to obtain items related to their commission, such as certificates and charts or b) to comply with a legal requirement dictated by HMRC or other official body. 

13c)  UK Generations will not sell or transfer ownership of customer details to a third party.

13d)  An archive copy of electronic files pertinent to the research itself will be retained for a maximum of 7 years after completion of an order. Printed documents related to the research itself will be similarly retained for a maximum of 7 years.

13e)  Electronic files and printed documents pertinent to the business of conducting research (eg. orders, invoices and receipts) will be retained for 7 financial years in order to ensure potential use with HMRC. 

13f)  Customers of UK Generations are fully entitled to copies of all research work and data gathered that is directly relevant to their research commissions by UK Generations.

13g)  UK Generations will delete all data and documents related to a customer upon request by that customer, apart from financial business records necessary to comply with HMRC requirements (which, as mentioned above, will in turn be deleted after 7 financial years).

13h)  UK Generations will take reasonable steps to protect electronic data by the use of recognised, reputable firewall and anti-virus products. The security of PCs, storage media and printed documents will be subject to reasonable physical measures pertaining to an office environment. Reasonable efforts will be made to ensure the privacy and security of customer data and documents during offsite research work. 


14. UK Generations is not responsible for the content, views or facilities presented on any other website linking to or from the UK Generations website, nor of any advertisements generated by and shown on the UK Generations website. Any content, expressed views or available facilities obtained outside the UK Generations website belong to those other sites and are the responsibility of those other sites. 

15. Visits to locations may not be undertaken by UK Generations if judged likely to cause vehicle damage or be otherwise unsafe.