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Family History Services - support for the beginner and the enthusiast

For many people, knowing "where you came from" means looking back 3 or 4 generations. All too often that can be very difficult if your family didn't discuss great grandparents or you don't have photos or certificates, or a treasured family bible.

This may seem insurmountable with such a difficult starting point to overcome.  Not necessarily so !

Another difficulty could be for those of you who live outside the UK and have family knowledge or stories of distant relatives who emigrated from England, Scotland or Wales. The Internet may not be offering what you want to know and obviously it could never achieve a visit to a UK churchyard, a town or a village that still hold documents and artefacts "offline".

UK Generations can act as your research "eyes" and help you to see more of where your family lived and worked by visiting such locations. 

Whether you are new to family history or are an enthusiast looking to do more, UK Generations is here to help you.     

This page shows the current selection of genealogy services tailored for family historians at any stage. Alternatively, if you have something else in mind then please click on Contact Us . 

1.  Genealogy Starter Packs

If you are new to family history research, this for you ! 

Researching family history may seem a daunting task if you are new to it and especially if you have little information to hand. UK Generations can help you make a start by taking the first small steps, beginning with a proven starting point known to you (eg. yourself, your parents or a grandparent).

Starter Packs can contain birth, marriage and death certificates, plus Census Returns sheets from 1841-1911 as appropriate. Pack prices are fixed and structured so that you can make affordable steps at any time to suit your needs.

Please click to see more about Starter Packs

Concentrating on the period from 1841, where there are the greatest number of available records, can maximise your chances for some initial discoveries. If, after an initial start, you want more work to be done and there is an opportunity to go further back in time or to expand on the initial details found, that's absolutely ok - by moving on to a tailored research commission.


2. Research commissions within mainland UK

Research commissions go beyond the scope of a starter pack and allows for research over a longer historical period or a wider family spread. In such cases, we would agree between us affordable and progressive work based upon hourly rates.

2a) Research across mainland UK

This has proved to be very popular and is offered for private individuals who want help to find out more about their UK family history from approximately 1650 through to the mid 20th century. 

Research time is charged at just £14 per hour. If travel is necessary, it is charged at £7.50 per hour plus 30p per mile travelled by car (or the cost of train/taxi fares). 

A working day is up to a maximum of 10 hours. Additional charges are made (at actual cost) for items such as parking, travel tickets, entrance fees, reading room fees, photocopies and accommodation/food expenses.  Relevant research purchases can be made and are charged at cost where receipts can be obtained.

Photography (including up to 10 photographs per location) is charged at £10 per location. Video can also be taken for you and is charged at £7.50 per hour (inclusive of the time taken for video shooting and editing).

Reporting of research findings, production of a family tree (where applicable) and collation with any photographs is chargeable at a flat rate of £12 per hour (min 1 hour per report).  

GRO Certificates are charged at £10 each (England and Wales) and £15 for Scottish certificates. Orders for certificates will not be placed without your prior consent.

2b) Research within Warwickshire, Leicestershire or Northamptonshire

UK Generations is ideally placed within the heart of middle England, an area that borders the Cotswolds to the south, industrial Coventry and Birmingham to the west, Leicester to the north and Northampton to the east. The majority of this area consists of a patchwork of countryside and villages, plus an abundance of historic buildings and places such as Stratford upon Avon, Warwick Castle, Althorp House, Royal Leamington Spa, Coventry Cathedral, the battlefields of Naseby and Bosworth, 18th century canals and Roman ruins.  Please see county maps    

Most places within these counties can be reached within approximately 1-2 hours. That means several hours per day on your behalf seeking out local records from local sources such as records offices, libraries and churches. Photography of locations can supplement records-based information and show you how places that are important to your family's past look today. In this respect, villages and small towns offer you the best chance to see where your ancestors lived, worshipped, worked and socialised.

Research charges  -  £54 for 4 hours (half-day) or £110 for 8 hours (full day).

Travel by car is charged at 35p per mile plus £7.00 per hour travelled. Charges do not include receipted costs such as parking, entrance fees, reading room fees, photocopies, documentation of research or any agreed purchases.

Location photography is charged at the "Photography" rate shown in item 4 below. Video can also be taken for you and is charged at £7.50 per hour (inclusive of the time taken for video shooting and editing).

Reporting of research findings, production of a family tree (where applicable) and collation with any photographs is chargeable at a flat rate of £12 per hour (min 1 hour per report).  

GRO Certificates will be charged at £10 each (England and Wales) and £15 for Scottish certificates. Orders for certificates will not be placed without your prior consent.


3.  Charts for your Family Tree or a Special Event

Do you want a professional-quality colour chart of your family tree to display on wall ? 

Are you puzzling over how to give something different as a present at a wedding, anniversary, retirement or another special occasion ? 

The answer - a unique family tree chart that you can frame or mount.  Each chart can include a photograph of the person(s) being presented and suitable text to describe the occasion. Each tree contains the person(s) for whom the event is being commemorated, plus up to 3 earlier generations. The charts are printed in full colour on high quality photographic papers or in greyscale on parchment paper.

Please click to see some example charts. You do not need to have the exact designs shown in the examples, as the style can be adapted for any type of event. Headings and layout can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Assuming either that you can provide the relevant names and dates, or we have previously researched them for you, the cost of the charts are :-

A4 size  -  £23        A3 size  -  £29     (all plus postage)

Why not buy someone a voucher for a chart to be produced ?  See the Special Offers page for more details.


4.  Location Photography and video

Would you like to enhance your research with some current photographs of a particular house, street or general location ? 

The high quality of digital photography offers a wonderful opportunity to enhance basic family records information with current images of places that are special to your UK ancestry. All location photographs are taken at 8 Megapixel minimum resolution and are in jpeg format.   There are two packages - Local and UK mainland

Once the places you want found are identified and agreed between us (using Google Map or Microsoft Visual Earth Map) and then we're off !  Up to 10 photographs per location will be taken (more photos can be added at a small extra cost). The images will be emailed to you - either as zipped files using Winzip or lower-quality email attachments (you specify which is best for you).   Click for examples of location photographs (please note that the website images are deliberately lower resolution in order to allow the site to function effectively). 

Local  - within  Warwickshire, Leicestershire or Northamptonshire 

£20 plus mileage for the first location, then £10 per location plus mileage for up to 4 more locations within one day. Receipted charges such as parking and entrance fees will be added at cost. Travel by car is charged at 35p per mile.

Video can also be taken for you and is charged at £7.50 per hour (inclusive of the time taken for video shooting and editing).

UK mainland  -  potentially anywhere within the mainland of England, Wales or Scotland (ie. beyond the Local area, above). Because of the time and distances involved, charges have two basic elements :-

- Location photography  -  £10 per location

Video can also be taken for you and is charged at £7.50 per hour (inclusive of the time taken for video shooting and editing).

- Travel    -  £7.50 per hour travelled plus 30p per mile (if by car) or the cost of train/taxi fares - for a maximum of 10 hours travel per day (plus receipted charges at cost, such as parking, entrance fees, accommodation/food expenses, etc).


Please note - For all locations, distances will be determined by those shown on Google Maps - plus 5 miles per daily journey to allow for diversions or other route differences not shown on Google Maps. 



Whichever services you decide to choose, please be assured that work will not be carried out, or purchases made that are unreasonably beyond the remit of your order. Regular updates will keep you updated with progress and enable us to agree how to continue to a new stage of work.    



Complete prices are shown for Starter Packs.  

Commissions can be agreed either as fixed prices or daily rates, according to the content and extent of the work agreed to be carried out. Please see the Conditions of Sale tab for further charges information.  

For any research orders, a non-refundable deposit is payable before work begins, as follows :-

£20 deposit for work valued up to £60

£40 deposit for work valued between £60 and £150

£70 deposit for work valued between £150 and £250 

Deposit and payment details for orders and commissions over £250 will be agreed before work commences.  

For items that require UK Generations to place orders and make payments to third parties, (for example certificates or prints), full payment is requested from you in advance. As mentioned previously, you will be contacted to confirm agreement before placing orders.