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Starter Pack

A Starter Pack is a great way to provide you with a simple, fixed-price beginning to your research.

Research is carried out entirely within UK Generation's own library of resources and a range of online sources, therefore removing the need for any travel costs, admission fees or other such charges that would be involved by travelling to visit places.

Obviously, the more information you can initially provide the better, as this would give the best opportunity to find some records. However, experience shows that on very many occasions, customers beginning their family research have either no knowledge, very little knowledge or some knowledge gained from family memories or traditions. 

Don't worry about this at the start - everything you "know" and pass on will be useful to begin with.

A Starter Pack aims to provide you with :-

Research for a period of 30 years focused on one main person between 1841 and 1939

-  Copies of all records found - they will include basic details of parents and other siblings where possible 

-  A full report of all findings

Price is £35     

If any birth/marriage/death certificates are available and you want them to be included, they are charged at :-

£12 each for England and Wales certificates

£15 each for Scottish certificates.